About Us

MGH Solutions was founded to provide an affordable and outcome driven conflict management service and to assist parties involved in complex disputes and claims. MGH Solutions specialises in resolving conflict through mediation and negotiation. Our services also include assisting parties to navigate and facilitate experts’ conclaves. We will consult to review the efficiency of in-house legal services. MGH Solutions can assist with the review of complex claims and large portfolios to ensure the delivery of timely and cost-effective litigation management. We deliver and facilitate training to develop and enhance the skills of your team and offer a variety of workplace training modules.

Why Choose Us

Pro active and personable style

20 years of experience in managing complex disputes and crafting thoughtful and practical solutions

Extensive experience in the law acting for defendants, plaintiffs and in an in house legal capacity

Ability to blend mediation styles including applying the facilitative and evaluative models

Thoughtful approach to ensure all parties are heard and validated and efforts made to secure a workable, costs effective and practical solution

Provide a professional service standard of the highest calibre

Ensure respectful interactions with a focus on integrity and validation

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